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My Newest Travel Photography Books!

I published new books! How exciting!

If you haven’t heard, I spent the cold days of November designing and curated three new photo books! Each is a photo story detailing my travels to a particular location and there are even some “Never-before-seen” photos in a few of them!

Shhh, that is a secret!

Without further ado, here are my newest photo books!

Grazie Italia

A brilliant collection of photographs taken in Northern Italy. See the beautiful walls of the Ufitizi, the bright blue canals of Venice, and even the mesmerizing architecture of Florence. This book is perfect for any lover of italian art or someone who wishes to see Italy through the eyes of an artist.

Frenweh: Awaiting a Faraway Place

“Frenweh: Awaiting a Faraway Place” - This photobook documents my 11 state road trip across the US. Filled to the brim with brilliant landscapes of North and South Dakota, detailed portraits of Elk and Bison, as well as stunning sunset photos that will make you feel like you have stepped into a fairytale!


“Wasteland” - Witness colorful images of the Western US, including California, Utah, Arizona, and Nevada. “Wasteland” showcases how the desert can be a truly amazing place.

To purchase one of my books, feel free to message me through email or social media! They make great gifts or coffee table books and are each their own little storytellers!

Thank you so much for the support and love!


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